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Yoga for Pregnancy and After Birthgiving

Our classes are suitable and safe for pregnancy and after birgiving women. During the class, it is provided precise information about the benefits of each exercise for each particular case, and after the class we dedicate few minutes open to questions about how to improve any health issue with exercises and yoga, supporting the healing process of the body through natural methods.

Yoga and health tips for pregnancy time

The yoga postures are not particularly special than for regular classes. The safety of the posture will be related to your levels of attention, strengh, and relaxation. The recommendation is that you don't go too far beyond of what your body feels as a limit.

Yoga for Pregnancy


Health Tips


  • Doing a very nutricious food and supplementation in combination with yoga will be always best as it supports health in the celular level (very important at this time), and it supports the elasticity of the body to avoid stretching marks, as it aids the absobtion of nutrients in a proper and more beneficial way.

  • Have bitter drinks: The liver is the main chief at the time of "building" a baby. Your baby's liver will also be strong and healthy if you liver is, and the baby's liver is a helper in producing the cells for the baby's body. Bitters have the capability to detox the liver from excess of sugars in a natural and safe way. (If you are concern about the safety of using herbs, we recommend you ask your health care provider about it.)

  • Good and deep breathing during the class and at any other moment that you are relaxing, or if you are feeling short of breath.  This is the best way to make sure the oxygen levels in your body are balanced. Lack of oxygen in the blood can bring health issues to you and your baby. Just relax and breath.

  • Try to avoid the though of possible problems. If there is a problem your body will know it. No point in creating stress and tensions through the imagination of the negative posibilities. Smile more, be positive, be happy! Your baby is feeling it!