Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Session

Private yoga sessions are available in Yuba City, Oregon House, Grass Valley,  and San Diego.

Private Yoga Classes for Health

  • Work with mobility issues
  • Expand range of motion limits
  • Aid  the work of your organs through movement
  • Aid cellular regeneration thourgh blood oxygenation
  • Aid lymphatic system work
  • Aid blood circulation stagnation
  • Aid with breathing issues
  • Aid with fear and stress
  • Aid with sleeping problems
  • Aid with emotional wellbeing
  • Aid on muscle's health, by keeping flexibility, relaxation, and strenght with low impact exercises
  • Aid with overall health
  • Aid with kids health
  • and much, much more benefits that I wouldn't be able to list them all! But I welcome you to do your own research and ask for second opinions.

Optimized Yoga Therapy

The Private Yoga Classes are greatly optimized yoga classes to fit your fitness level and assess your health needs. Offered at our offices in Yuba City, Oregon House, San Diego, and Grass Valley. For updates about classes and other events Request our Newsletter.

Not sure if Private Yoga Classes are for you? Check our testimonials, videos in YouTube, or just come to a group session to know more of the classes. We have also available audio files from the meditations from the group yoga classes. Request more information by contacting us. For fast delivery contact us through e-mail.

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