Geometric Yoga Master Classes

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Why Yoga Master Classes for Health?

During these classes, we explore the benefits of yoga for health using only 3 to 5 excercises during the duration of the class.

In between the health benefits of Yoga, we will learn about topics such as:

  • Work with mobility issues
  • Expand range of motion limits
  • Aid  the work of your organs through movement
  • Aid cellular regeneration thourgh blood oxygenation
  • Aid lymphatic system work
  • Aid blood circulation stagnation
  • Aid with breathing issues
  • Aid with fear and stress
  • Aid with sleeping problems
  • Aid with emotional wellbeing
  • Aid on muscle's health, by keeping flexibility, relaxation, and strenght with low impact exercises
  • Aid with overall health
  • Aid with kids health
  • and much, much more health benefits that I wouldn't be able to list them all!

We encourage you to ask your health care provider if Yoga is a good therapy for you.

Optimized yoga classes

The Geometric Yoga Master Classes and Teacher's training Course are offered at our offices in the following cities:

  • Yuba City
  • Oregon House
  • San Diego
  • Nevada City

Class Fee: $15

24 weeks Training Course with Certification: Open Registration.

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