200 hrs Geometric Yoga Teacher Training Course

Geometric Yoga 200 hrs Teacher's Training Course | Hosted from Nevada City. Take this Course Online.
Teacher: Horacio Roa
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Geometric Yoga 200 hrs Teacher's Training Course
Hosted from Nevada City. Take this Course Online.

Link for online classes will be in your inbox 1 hour before class starts.

Course will be accessible online for 60 days upon course completion.

Geometric Yoga Training:


Geometric Yoga is an "engineering design like" healing tool.

The conventional yoga has different purposes and you can find many different techniques and  schools. Geometric Yoga is not a competitive discipline, sport or pretend to get athletic external results on any external connection with the form. The form is designed like a tool.The same tool can be used for different purposes. The purpose of Geometric Yoga is high state of consciousness, high state of emotional intelligence, self control, self knowledge, happiness, and self-healing.

Geometric Yoga is based in the mathematical spiritual understanding how everything is and how things need to be: Precise in the foundation, precise in the destination of the organization of the genes, blood, and organs, which based on these tools can be used for recover balance on specific organs and systems, develop emotional intelligence and a permanent state of presence.


200 hrs Geometric Yoga Teacher Training (GYTT)

Registration Open for Geometric Yoga Teacher Training Course in Nevada City

200 hrs Intensive Course GYTT2 is hosted at Inner Path, 200 Commercial Street, Nevada City, California.


Course Starting November 23, 2019 Thursday and Saturday 2 to 4 pm 


OPEN TO ONLINE PARTICIPANTS. THIS COURSE will be broadcasted online.

More information:

  • Be ready to take notes. Recordings and videos will be uploaded for online review.
  • You will need a yoga mat, or a towel.
  • Wear comfortable exercising cloths.

Payment Information:

  • Intensive Course fee: $2500 | Early registration fee: $2250. (Use Coupon Code EARLYBIRD)
  • Online Course -live broadcast- $2500 | Early Registration fee $1800. (Use Coupon Code ONLINE)
  • Early Registration ends 30 days prior course starting date.
  • Reserve your space and pay by phone: 530-763-0079 / 530-790-5167