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Yoga Classes > View Schedule and Locations
Yoga Classes > View Schedule and Locations
PH Balance - Acid and Alkaline Approach to Food
Yoga Classes > View Schedule and Locations
Yoga Classes > View Schedule and Locations
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Private Health Coaching Retreats

in Lake Tahoe

Education for Natural Health Regeneration

"We build our successes step by step"

Long ago, in the Chinese Culture, it was considered that the life of a man starts when he turns 60 years old; in the east, man is expected to achieve this age while fulfilled with happiness, health, love, family, and wealth, ready to live...  In our contemporary world, it’s more likely that a man in his 60's will be running out of health. 

With our Holistic Retreats, we want to offer you the possibility to utilize all the situations of your daily life to improve your health.  We focus on the use of natural ways and practices for a healthy living encouraging transcendent healing through Health Coaching, using a Holistic Preventive Method.


Daily Program is cutomized to your specific need but overall includes:


Prior to booking a retreat, we do a In person, phone or online Consultation to asses your health issues and explain your personalized program based on your current health situation.


Overall program routine includes 6 hours - 3 in the morning & 3 in the afternoon (9am to 1pm & 4pm to 6pm)

  • Health Coaching: Establishing your daily personal routine
  • Education on Exercises to boost natural health regeneration.
  • Detox Treatment
  • Therapeutic treatments (might include Water/Spa Treatment, Shiatsu, Infra-Red, Moxabustion, Cupping Therapy, Vibration Therapy, and others depending on your situation)
  • Food Therapy Class including Lunch with topic on foods to boost celular/tissue regeneration
  • Explanantion of things you can do to help your health at home: habits you can incorporate that will increase the power of your immunity system and keep up with your natural health regeneration process.


MORE INFORMATION (530) 790-5167 

We offer health retreat services for individuals, couples, and family retreat.

INQUIRIES AT 530-790-5167