Holistic Health Workshop: Yoga benefits for Self-healing in Nevada City
Holistic Health Workshop: Yoga benefits for Self-healing in Nevada City and Oregon House

Benefits of Yoga Explained: Experience the difference!

A Yoga Workshop on Health Regeneration: Geometric Yoga offers a deeper view of the Health Benefits of Yoga on explaining what is happening in the body at every Posture. The approach is to focus on the connections and principles between exercises and health regeneration. We could say Geometric Yoga is the expression of the knowledge of yoga adapted to our society and occidental ways of living, with the addition of a little more information in its speech than the regular yoga class provides, and in words that you will understand easier than the original yoga terminology. It is indeed an upgrade you will want to explore.

Stretching, breathing, attention and relaxation are the four golden rules of this practice.  


Holistic Health Workshop: Benefits of Yoga for Self-healing

Reservation Information:

  • Nevada City, at InnerPath: Wednesdays 5:30pm and Saturdays at 1pm
  • Oregon House, at Yes Charter Academy: Tuesdays and Fridays 6pm  
  • Yuba City, 1624 Star Drive - Suite 1 - Private Classes by appointment

To Reserve your space by phone or request more information call 530-790-5167

Bring your yoga mat, or a towel.
Wear comfortable exercising cloths.
Bring a bottle of water if you wish.

Workshop/Class fee is: $10

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