"...having been receiving treatment from Horacio for six years for a chronic skin condition (eczema, psoriasis) My treatment has consisted of nutritional counseling, shiatsu, health coaching, yoga (the works!). When I started the treatment my general health was not good and I was overweight. I had visited my local clinic with no success, either in the diagnosis or the treatment. I decided to try the holistic approach and commenced treatment with Horacio. After several weeks of a change of diet plus supplements, herbal treatments and regular weekly shiatsu sessions I began to lose weight and to feel healthier. Eventually I lost 53lbs and my skin rash started to improve. I also started to attend Horacio's yoga classes twice a week. I have had some setbacks, but have found that with attention to my diet and other advice from Horacio I have been able to prevent the condition from getting worse and have been virtually free of the rash for periods of several months. At present I am continuing with water therapy and shiatsu and my skin rash has almost cleared up.

Hazel O'Brien. - June 2005