May 5th, 2009:

"Horacio started working with my Mom months ago. His help has been COMPLETELY LIFE CHANGING. She is 76 and had been overweight...on lots of all types of medicines...high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, vision problems, cataracts, diabetes, arthritis, verge of stroke, heart attack, etc...instead of going downhill until the end of life...since seeing Horacio for two 2-hour sessions a week...she has been alleviated of these ailments which I never imagined I would see. It is a miracle! A body wants to return to normal if it's not abused daily and now she is SO youthful and lively...speaks with a lightness, carries herself so confidently. She has been given a new life because of Horacio. What else matters if you don't have health and happiness. What else is above that on the list to spend your time and money on? This is very important. He "gets it" and "lives it". Through his philosophies, colors, foods, sounds, movements, you will be transformed. What a life! We are so LUCKY to have him in our area!!! Take advantage of it now! If you have any questions I am very open to talking about it. Please call (201)923-7896. Enjoy!"

Laura M.