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Private Guided Fasting Retreat Programs

We offer more than 38 years of experience providing guided fasting services for health regeneration.

Book a private fasting retreat anytime. For optimal results, we encourage you to plan your retreats around the full moon frequency, especially during the intense seasonal transitions. (equinox, eclipses, or season change)

Our private retreat center provides services and guidance also for those opting for the dry fasting modality.
Private Family, couples, and group retreat programs available by request.


Activities during the retreat program include:

- Detox sessions,
- Therapeutic sessions to balance health & energy, particullarly designed to boost regeneration of your particular health issue.
- Health coaching education for self-healing includes a first consultation, follow up Q&A sessions, implementation and practical work application, explanantion of what can be expected as results from your homework. Depending on weather and your health conditions some of these Q&A sessions/lectures could be held outdoors -at rivers, lakes, or on viewpoint hikes.
- Exercise routine implementation and detailed explanantion of benefits for regeneration.
- Food Workshops for the detailed study of the Longevity Mindset and diverse Holistic Protocols for cellular regeneration.


Once YOU KNOW, it is EASY to Do The Best Things to rebuild your health.


Knowing WHAT TO DO, and experiencing the RESULTS help to boost your MOTIVATION.



For more information, book a consultation to learn more of our retreat programs

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