Awakened Man Products

Awakened Man Products is a selection of products that Horacio has chosen over the years considering the chemistry necesary to optimaze blood regeneration for health improvement. The selection is based on their efficacy and efficiency to achieve results.

Currently, we carry and recommend the use of the following products:

         Coconut Oil Products  (Coconut Oil, Tumeric and Black Pepper, Coconut Oil & Oregano, Coconut Oil & Co-Q10, and more!)

Green Cell Nutrients

Hemp Alkalinazer Protein Powder

Soy Alkalinazer Protein Powder


Umeboshi Plums

Yerba Mate. View More information on How to Prepare a perfect Yerba Mate 

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Awakened Man Products

Alkalinazer Protein Powder

Alkalinazer Protein Powder Basic Contains: Soy Protein, ...

Sales price: $19.50

Coconut Oil & Oregano - 4 oz.

Coconut Oil and Oregano Made by Order - It takes 3 to 5 ...

Sales price: $18.00

Coconut Oil with Collagen & CoQ10 - 4 oz.

Coconut Oil with Collagen and CoQ10 Made by Order - It ...

Sales price: $17.00