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Food Therapy Cooking Class available Online
Food Therapy | Cooking Classes | Ph Balanced Recipes (acid/alkaline)Food Therapy | Cooking Class | Ph Balanced Recipes (acid/alkaline)
Fee: $45.00

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Food Therapy Cooking Class available online and at our Retreat Programs. Classes feature regeneration through Holistic Nutrition, PH Diet, Acid-Alkaline Foods.

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Food Therapy Cooking Classes

Chemistry of food and how healthy food can help with the elimination of toxins.
During each class we are going to focus on the preparation of a healthy breakfast, and 3 side meals making note of some possible combinations to add to the recipe.

Specific information about food and health:

Did you know that Vegetable proteins are an important addition to our diet? Proteins are one of the main nutrients for memory, for attention, and for replacement of the main part of the cells in human tissue. As we age, it is difficult to process and retain the nutrients from animal proteins. Vegetable proteins are lighter and easier to digest, helping with memory functions, nourishing our skin, our skeleton and our muscles properly through time.


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Quick Program Review:

  • Classes are focused on health regeneration.
  • Learn new ideas, attitudes, and actions to implement to achieve long-lasting health.
  • Important Information about Blood PH Balance and how this information helps.
  • How to quickly boost the immunity system to increase self-healing.
  • Learn the basics to do your own recipes.


Enjoy a Healthier New Life, full of energy!