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Horacio Roa participates as a guest on Golden Road TV

 Question: What simple tip you can give to people to help them release stress these days?



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Moderator: "What are some other things people can do, regardless…maybe they are a single mom, or maybe they go to work early or they work late?  But what is something people could do to help bring their stress levels down?"

Horacio Roa - "A few weeks ago, I saw an interview from a Yogi, a Turkish man.  He is 102 and they asked him the same question, and I am going to give you the same answer. He said:

'I go out and I breathe very deeply three times'.

Breathing is actually something basically for mediation and for life and for independence and for health. Breathing is common sense.


Breathing is the connection with this reality. I breathe and I can know you through my breathing. Breathing is a way you can touch reality and be inside and outside at the same time because breathing shares both worlds.

And then, through breathing, we can control our mind and through breathing we can control our health, and through breathing we can control our digestion.

I am not very fond of telling people what to do. I really like to help people to think and to question.
Of course, I have many herbs and dietary suggestions and other tools for curing, but it is not really about curing, it is about: educating yourself, and it is about understanding that if we are sick, it is because we are inexperienced, and if we are suffering emotionally, it is because we are inexperienced, ignorant of the methods,

This means we need to grow up, we need to learn. 
Then, illness and pain and depression are only bridges for becoming more mature and to understand what is next in our life.


So, the music we hear has harmony and rhythm and, it is not stressful, because it is harmonic. Then, when we are in inner harmony, our organs work in their own rhythms. The organs need to have a certain tune-up, like a piano, like the voice and the piano together.

The stress comes from the inside because the organs are fouled or they are out of tune, and they are out of tune with the other organs in the system. And their own system is out of tune with the reset of the system.  Then the inner chaos is very stressful. Then, we cannot sleep, we cannot regular bowel movements, we cannot really think straight because inside of us it is like an orchestra where all of the instruments are out of tune.






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