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Meaning of Holistic Healing?
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To understand what Holistic Healing means it is nessessary to understand the Laws of Healing and Conditions Required for Healing

Healing is both art and science.  Just as "Illness" is a natural process (sooner or later everyone will become ill), Healing is a natural process.  Before Healing can begin, certain conditions are necessary for the body.

Conditions for healing
Reviewing some bsics we all know, for healing to occur, it is a condition that one be ill first.
A condition of loss of health is "illness".  Illness can be recognized by one or two symptoms which break down balance (health).  There is a rule that for each symptom there can be 3 or more causes which combine to produce the symptom (the law of cause and consequence).

If  "being ill" is the first condition for healing, then the next condition is to combine at least 3 or 4 approaches in order to work on the causes.  It is not sufficient to work on the symptoms - which are the consequences; one needs to focus on the causes.  There is not one cause of the problem and there is not one solution only. This is the meaning of Holistic Healing.

Natural Laws of Healing
Healing is a work that never gets done (It needs mantainence same way you brush your teeth everyday or clean up your dishes everyday... otherwise just watch what will happen if you don't)

Healing is under the laws of time, timing, knowledge and teamwork.

Going through the healing process requires planning, time, and metaphysical resources such as positive attitude and the understanding of pain.

- Pain, illness, and death are all elements of life.  This is a natural law and it is not in our power to try to change it. -

"Pain cures pain, illness heals illness, and love releases love."

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