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Introduction to Holistic Health Seminars

Making The Difference with Natural Self-healing.

Open to Questions about Natural Ways to Heal Yourself. 

At this workshop it will be offered a FREE PH TESTING
INFORMATION about Acid and Alkaline Diet and 
Holistic Nutrition to Increase Regeneration for Self-healing.

Holistic Health Coaching Seminars

Let's Talk of the Center Point: The Axis of Health.


To be in the axis of health, and be able to develop your life and dreams fully, from this axis, demands commitment and work with your inner world, for it to be a solid center to base your work on all areas.
Fear of pain, and comfort, are the main factors that keeps us spinning out of the axis of health.
When you experience the healing properties of pain, and you understand that the main pain relieve comes from your own efforts to connect with the pain without fear, and use it to understand the cause of the symptom.
All taken with relativity: there is good pain coming from the process of detoxifying, as in the pain after engaging on a exercise routine! YOU SHOULD CRAVE FOR THIS PAIN! Because it only lasts while you are out of shape and it's the pain of energizing and tone up, it's the pain of toxins moving out of muscles. Once the system is clean, the pain won't be a result of exercising rather exercise is a cure for many sources of pain.

As when you learn to ride a bike, first you are explained the theoretical part of "how to" and your brain can understand and "see" how it work, but that will not except you from falling because your body needs to learn the practical part and reach the same level of understanding that your brain did when understood the theoretical part.  To my personal experience, I understand now that same thing is with Health. Until we don't fully connect our body to the center of how health works practically, by learning from your own body, we will fall, and fall, and fall, again because the theoretical part might be known and understood but can't replace the process to "express that understanding" by engaging in a practical work with your body. This is a different experience and process altogether, with very tangible results. Otherwise is like only learning the theory of riding a bike but never sit on it and ride it, and experience how it feels the wind in your face.

"Where there is a will, there is a way." - people says.... If you have the will, we know the way.

The true is....

Healing is a natural possibility for everyone.... and is available 24/7

I'm convinced that healing naturally is  possible even when people are experiencing low energy, or headaches, or a cold or an allergy, or whatever manifestation that makes them uncomfortable. In my experience, symptoms are meant to teach you what you are doing wrong in your daily life. To read the symptoms and address them properly is a challenge that demands dealing with the pain from the point of view of what its causes are, and in my experience there are never less than 3 causes.

When you can review your physical state objectively, the answer to what is causing distress will appear naturally. Like a balance mechanism, if you have gone too far out towards one end, taking the opposite direction will help you come back to the center, to the balance point. And then of course you also need to watch for the risk of going too much on the other way and start again to run further away from the center, but toward the other side (ying and yang). You can interrupt the reoccurrence of the symptoms that are making you uncomfortable and/or preventing you from living your life. Only when people understand this correctly, they can start to have some freedom about how they want or need to feel in the present day and in the upcoming following days. They can start to plan the day after.

To be happy and healthy is in your hands (you need to work on it), in your head (you need to educate yourself about the work that needs to be done), and in your heart (you need to love yourself more to want to do it!

Ongoing Seminar Program

"Lymphatic System and Liver Regeneration for Natural Cancer Prevention."

Registration is required.


Health Coach - Methods

1. Introduction to the Self-healing exercises
2. Exercises for the treatment of specific illnesses
3. Balance exercises

Self-healing Programs

1. Selection and combination of ingredients
2. Nutrition for self-healing
3. Food and preventive medicine: creating a personalized diet
a) Blood acidity and alkalinity
b) Blood type
c) Personal aims

Illness and Symptoms

1. How the elimination of toxins or the non-elimination of toxins, called symptoms (fever / stress / anxiety / obesity / diabetes / asthma / skin problems / chronic fatigue / cardiac, respiratory and digestive problems / cancer / cysts / carpal tunnel syndrome / tendonitis / etc...), is confused with the cause of illness: Sources of the toxins.
2. The value of emotions and personal balance. Interaction between health and emotions: cases of regeneration and cases of degeneration. Relationship between the organs and positive or negative emotions.
3. How to treat your health from the consciousness of intelligent emotions combining high nutrition, exercise and self-knowledge.

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Registration is REQUIRED to participate.
Seminar available in Mill Valley, Nevada City, Yuba City, Oregon House, and Online!


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