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Opening Address – Group for the Healing Arts Foundation. 10/21/2013

"Thank you for being here. This is a comfortable group for our opening. This is the first of many meetings that I hope we will have together.  I will present some ideas that I have been considering and I look forward to hearing your ideas and what you would like for the Foundation.

I would like education to be the focus of the holistic Healing Arts Foundation and school. The best possibility for our proposal is to have an impact on our community by helping create stronger individuals that will be the base for a stronger community.

If we provide only therapies without people understanding how they got sick and how they can help themselves, we will be playing the game of lifting them up every time they fall instead of teaching them to stand up by themselves.

After we provide them with a certain number of informational classes, they can develop a strong new sense of the direction to take with their health.

This Idea was actually offered to me spontaneously by a friend. He asked me to treat somebody, and he sent money for the treatments in order to help this friend. I have seen over the years that often when someone offers treatment as a gift, the person offering the gift is often quite ill themselves. This is a kind of mystery that we want to help others but cannot help ourselves.

There are many services offered here, holistic health, alternative medicine and preventive medicine and we have not yet found a way to use insurance and Medicare and MediCal, successfully.  Though it is changing slowly, right now insurance does not often pay for these services. This means that when people need help, and they cannot pay, resources need to be developed to cover these services.  Since we cannot say 'NO' to people who are in need, this will be one of our priorities. 

The Idea, then, comes from our need to have resources for people who don’t have any possibility of paying by insurance or private funds, and who want alternative medicine.  This applies also to the education they need to return to health and to stay healthy.

We use the name Healing Arts Foundation because we consider holistic medicine a form of art and science at the same time. Other arts such as theatre or poetry, are also part of the healing arts in their own way, and we consider all the arts to be tools of healing.

We want to have under our umbrella different ways of educating people in different arts – including the healing arts - based on the belief that health, healing, and prevention is a high form of education. I have worked with this philosophy for many years. Some people want to be 'fixed immediately' and want the pain taken away, immediately. A large part of this education is to teach them that they can regenerate themselves and eliminate the pain and the illness.  It is a gift that has been given to us, it is a gift to understand that we can do this and this gift is very worthy of the effort required.

You can, in fact, learn how to prevent illness and how to use pain to become wiser and more intelligent, which for many of us means a new philosophy of living. We consider that an intelligent person is one who is happy. If a person is not happy, then this person can attain that happiness and educate that intelligence for health with our collective input. This is the simple basis of our Foundation. We simplify our work then, with two simple principles: the first is to serve, and the second is to have fun.

I'd now like to ask the question, how many people there are who have the same dream or the same vision, how many people work in holistic medicine or the healing arts, and how the healing arts are growing. This is a great responsibility for those of us who understand the healing arts because it involves a lot of work.

All around us we see people who are basically suffering from a lack of information which limits their options. Another aim of the Foundation is to provide people additional choices in relation to information and education. These choices are included in the Holistic Method. The Holistic Method has its own philosophy and its own point of view regarding how things are organized. The Holistic Method is ruled by the simple laws that govern nature. We want to share this information, and also we want to share our experience.  Many of us have many years of experience and can bring all of this together to form an education that will be useful. 

It is not only information that we need to share. We also need to share the direct experience of how we can transform illness into health,or weakness into talent. Yoga, theatre, and the various arts produce different approaches to developing a human being's relationship to evolution. They all have the same aim which is to have a better life. I think it is a worthy cause for us to help each other to achieve these things.

From a practical perspective, we are living in a world where a legal organization is required for endeavors. This meeting is the result of sharing this idea with several of you, and it is basically our first step in that direction. My hope is that we can continue to meet and share ideas and keep working in this direction.

Our first work is really just to attract friends of the healing arts so that things can then develop from that organically. I would like us to have a property for the physical work of the Foundation. This is something that is a long-range aim.

Another area that I suggest is that the Foundation will develop different areas of discovery. We are constantly learning about new foods, new vegetables, and new foods.  We also learn more and more about foods that are not good for us, more about toxins, and more about damage to nature, which will impact our own survival. Funds will be required for this as well.

If we have a goal to grow organically, we can see that in our community many people are already performing in this way.  We can learn from each other and hopefully join together with those already in this process so that we can become a service to the community with services and education.


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