Holistic Health Seminars

Making The Difference with Natural Self-healing.



Holistic Health Seminars | Health Coaching for Regeneration and Self-healing

MIND INDEPENDENCE: HOW TO BE FREE from different psychosomatic illnesses
PAIN MANAGEMENT:  How to deal with pain. Cause of pain. Imaginary pain and real pain.
INFECTIONS: How to Prevent them. Food for Infections and Natural Remedies for infections.

The process of healing needs a separation from the mind. The process of separation is the realization between the being and the machine (body).

Pain Management is a consequence of mind management. The amount of pain is a consequence of the mind. Most pain is mainly mental which means it is imagination and the first division we’ll do is separating imaginary pain from real pain.

When we speak of infections we speak of immunity system and conditions for health. Infections only happen when there is toxins.
We’ll talk about how to deal with infections thru hygiene and prevention.



Request a Private Session to Learn More about Your Illness and Symptoms, including:

- How the elimination of toxins or the non-elimination of toxins, called symptoms (fever / stress / anxiety / obesity / diabetes / asthma / skin problems / chronic fatigue / cardiac, respiratory and digestive problems / cancer / cysts / carpal tunnel syndrome / tendinitis / etc...), is confused with the cause of illness: Sources of the toxins.

- The value of emotions and personal balance. Interaction between health and emotions: cases of regeneration and cases of degeneration. Relationship between the organs and positive or negative emotions.

- How to treat your health from the consciousness of intelligent emotions combined with high nutrition, exercise and self-knowledge.



Registration is REQUIRED  to participate. 


Workshop Includes Geometric Yoga for Health Class
& Holistic Health Seminar
( 2 hours program )


Events Location and Schedule:

  • Nevada City: 
    on Saturdays
    - Workshop (Yoga + Seminar) 3 pm,
    - Seminar 10 am,
    at Inner Path, 200 Commercial Street
  • Oregon House: 
    on Thursdays
    - Workshop (Yoga + Seminar) 9 am,
    - Seminar 10:00 am
    13376 Rue Montaigne. HHS Office. 
  • Online (Attend anytime)