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Cooking Nutritious, Healing Foods, as a way to keep oneself healthy,
is becoming an issue because people "don't have the time"

YEARS of experience tell me that:

 If you enjoy food and life, you don't want to be practical: 
To Be Naturally Healthy Demands Work.

Watch 3 min video on how to think about your food, and most importantly Why! 




How to Heal Through Food

online cooking classes

Changing our view of food for our health priorities

Based on a common sensed understanding, the priority with food should be for ingredients to be:

  1. medicine first for specific issues
  2. nutritious second for the whole body
  3. flavorful to please the mouth


Because food is one of our main tool to help with the elimination of toxins.
During each class we are going to focus on the preparation of a healthy breakfast, and 3 side meals making note of some possible combinations to add to the recipe.


Specific information on food and health:

Did you know that Vegetable proteins are an important addition to our diet? Proteins are one of the main nutrients for memory, for attention, and for replacement of the main part of the cells in human tissue. As we age, it is difficult to process and retain the nutrients from animal proteins. Vegetable proteins are lighter and easier to digest, helping with memory functions, nourishing our skin, our skeleton and our muscles properly through time. 

Quick Program Review:

  • Classes are focused on health regeneration.
  • Learn new ideas, attitudes, and actions to implement to achieve long-lasting health.
  • Important Information about Blood PH Balance and how this information helps.
  • How to quickly boost the immunity system to increase self-healing.
  • Learn the basics to do your own recipes.

Enjoy Health!





Holistic Nutrition Cooking Class Feedback from clients:

"The greatest benefit of these classes is to learn to be creative, understand flavors and spices, learn to make the flavor in your mouth.... while you are cooking mouthwatering food" - Rebecca
 "Meals were healthy and delicious, prepared with great care. The cooking lessons have helped me to adjust my  eating habits with ease, now that I’ve been taught how to properly prepare fish, beans, grains and vegetables. Nutritious food is very tasty and fun to cook!" - Kandee


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