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Online Webinars about Self-healing

I'm starting a series of webinars for self-healing and would like to invite you to attend. The reason why I'm doing this is because I am convinced that the biggest tool to achieve self-healing is based on education combined with the love to oneself. Everybody has a question about it, and that is a reality as much as it is the fact that information will not help you to get up from the chair and do what you have to do, but understanding deeply the information might just do the trick to boost the will-power!

During this webinars I will talk about the sources of many common factors that lower the immunity system of the body, making our body more open to chronic illness such as allergies, migraines, back-pain, digestive issues, and others. (Remember the webinar will be open to questions, so bring yours!)

In case you don't know me yet, I've been teaching Self-healing education for over 30 years after successfully healing myself from asthma and epilepsy which I suffered since my teenage age. I was successful on it with the use of natural methods. Also it is true that I grow up watching and helping my grandfather to relief people's pain (he was a guarani Indian healer). I was studying to become a priest, that is true too, but my passion to the call of having a meaningful life has always been reassured by the request from people constantly asking me to help them to naturally relief physical pain, and help them understand the reasons why the pain is there. (In my expertise the causes of any pain are never less than 3.  If you like to know more about me check this link}. Now, I'm over 50 and my best credential to show you are my clients testimonials.

More and more every day we are hearing about people getting healthy talking over the direction of their own health, trying to find the answers on their own, the method to solve the problem that it is not getting solved somehow for long time by now. To do this, nothing call help you better than to educate yourself, trying to understand the process of health, how it gets disrupted, and how you can help it with easy before hand, talking preventive methods.

Then, if you are interested in getting answers to your questions because you would like to make a change and start to live a life fully energized and happy, you might want to grab a sit and check this webinar out.



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