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Services are provided by Horacio Roa, CMT and HC.
35+ Years of Experience in Natural Health Regeneration.


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NEW: We can provide low cost or no cost services thru the Phalamritam Institute, a non-profit 501c3 organization. 
If you would like to have services provided to you or to someone you care for, at low cost, or for free, please contact us at 530-415-2019.

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Explore Ideas, Atitudes and Actions for Health that lead to healing together with a Holistic Health Practitioner that has specialized in a Holistic combination of disciplines designed to regenerate the liver, boost immune system, improve energy & overall health, with long term results.

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"It was then that I came to meet Horacio Roa based upon a firm recommendation of a friend. I had not been to a holistic practitioner before Horacio and was skeptical, if not actually looking for a reason to cut that initial visit short. I am lucky to have found such a mature and skillful healer. Horacio is an artist in the truest sense. For me, his ability to locate and understand my pain and communicate to me ways to heal is akin to the finest skill of any master of their trade, that is, an artform.

Using a combination of directed conversations and guided emotional explorations, water massage treatments, purified supplements, moxibustion and yoga style exercises, my symptoms have diminished substantially. I have near full use of my thumbs and more, I have greater overall energy and health."

Bruce L, EdM, MBA



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